Sela® Kalimba 17 Koa Hollow with Pickup

Perfect Kalimba for Live and Recording Sessions

Order-No.: SEKL17P-KO

The Sela Kalimba 17 Hollow Koa has a hollow body made of fine koa wood. Koa is a rare species of acacia that grows only in Hawaii and is often used to build instruments because of its balanced sound. Like a guitar or ukulele, the hollow body with resonance hole provides a powerful sound. In addition, this model has a pickup through which the kalimba can be connected to a PA system for live performances or to a recording device for recordings.

The 17 notes of the Sela Kalimba 17 Hollow are all on the C major scale and range from the note C4 to E6. Since all the notes fit together harmonically, even beginners can compose exciting melodies with this instrument in no time and accompany or play along with songs written in C major.

Included with the Sela Kalimba 17 Hollow is a high-quality case with carrying strap and fitted padding that effectively protects the instrument from damage during storage and transport. Also included is a microfiber cloth for cleaning the Kalimba and a tuning hammer. The latter is needed if you want to retune the instrument. A tip: To check the pitch, you can either use a smartphone with a corresponding tuning app or a small clip-on tuner for guitars.
  • Order-No.: SEKL17P-KO
  • Release Date: 25.11.2022
  • Price: 79.90 EUR
  • Sela Kalimba (thumb piano)
  • Number of keys: 17
  • Range: c' - e''' (C4 - E6)
  • Tuning: C major
  • Wood: Koa
  • Color: Natural (glossy finish)
  • Incl. padded carrying bag with loop, cleaning cloth and tuning hammer
  • EAN: 4026929929051