Sela® Cajon Brush 110

Versatile brushes for precise playing techniques

Order-No.: SE 065

Variations of design:
 Sela Cajon Brush 110
Sela Cajon Brush 180
Sela Cajon Brush 250
Sela Cajon brushes are essential for all cajon players who want to get the full sound potential out of their instruments. Developed in close cooperation with our Sela artists, the brushes have an excellent practical suitability and are very versatile. The 110 nylon rods of this model are perfect for flexible and nuanced playing techniques. They offer a pleasant sound with a full punch at the same time. With their low weight and excelent balance, the Sela Cajon Brushes 110 provide not only easy and precise control of the whole dynamic spectrum. They also offer fatigue-free playing!

The two adjustable rubber rings offer extremely nuanced adjustment possibilities: From an accentuated and bass-driven playing style to classic brush techniques, everything is possible. The nylon rods are soft at the bottom and harder in the direction of the handle. Depending on the angle of the impact there are endless sound variations. The "bottom cap" on the handle can be used for additional playing techniques.

Because of their musical flexibility Sela Cajon Brushes are also suitable for other percussion instruments, such as frame drums, tambourines, etc.
  • Order-No.: SE 065
  • Release Date: 21.12.2016
  • Price: 17.90 EUR
  • 110 nylon rods
  • Handle made of solid maple wood
  • With rubber coating for extra grip
  • With two rubber rings for adjusting the degree of hardness
  • "Bottom cap" on the handle for extra playing techniques
  • Ideal for all brush and striking techniques
  • Length: 13.4"
  • EAN: 4026929918819