Sela® Ocean Drum 55 cm (22 in.)

A musical journey into the depths of the ocean

Order-No.: SEOD55

The Ocean Drum, also known as the Sea Drum, is a fascinating percussion instrument that puts the magic of the ocean in the hands of the player. Its peculiarity lies in its unique construction, which allows it to acoustically recreate the sounds of waves and tides. A gentle roar of the surf, crashing waves in stormy seas, and everything in between - this drum gives you a musical ticket to the world of the oceans.

Sela Ocean Drums are available in five different sizes and feature an innovative design. They consist of a round beech wood frame, which, unlike many other hand and frame drums, is covered on both sides. Inside the Ocean Drum are many small spheres made of metal and plastic that dance across the skin when the drum is moved, creating noise effects reminiscent of ocean waves. Since one side is covered with a natural skin and the other with a plastic skin, two completely different timbres can be elicited from the Sela Ocean Drum. Thanks to a closable opening in the frame, the amount of beads and thus the volume and response of the drum can be individually adjusted.

The way the Sela Ocean Drum is played is as impressive as it is uncomplicated: it is simply held by the frame and then tilted, rolled, or shaken to create very different sounds. Gentle movements conjure up soothing ocean sounds, while more intense movements bring out the roar of waves in a storm. In addition, the Sela Ocean Drum can also be played like a conventional drum by striking the heads with the flat of the hand, the palm of the hand or individual fingers. With separately available mallets or brooms, the sonic repertoire of the Sela Ocean Drum can be further expanded - there are virtually no limits to creativity.

The Sela Ocean Drum impresses with its meditative sound, which offers both beginners and experienced musicians a unique sound experience. It is an extremely versatile instrument that can be used in a variety of contexts:The soothing sounds of the Sela Ocean Drum are balm for the soul, making them ideal for meditation and relaxation exercises. They can help relieve stress and achieve a meditative state. In music therapy, the Ocean Drum is often used to promote relaxation and emotional healing. Its ease of use makes it accessible to people of all ages.

Musicians appreciate the versatility of the Sela Ocean Drums, as they provide unique sound effects and atmosphere in live performances as well as in studio recordings. In addition, the Sela Ocean Drum is the perfect instrument to introduce children to the fascinating world of percussion and the joy of making music in music lessons.
  • Order-No.: SEOD55
  • Release Date: 09.10.2023
  • Price: 139.90 EUR
  • Beech wood frame
  • Drumhead 1: synthetic
  • Drumhead 2: natural skin (sheep)
  • Filling: plastic and metal beads
  • Closable opening for filling or emptying
  • Diameter: approx. 22" / 55 cm
  • EAN: 4026929929976