Nailé Sosa Aragón


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Nailé Sosa Aragón was born on Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. She studied percussion and extended her musicial knowledge by participating in lessons of well known musicians like Roberto Concepcion, Enrique Pla, Osmany Sanchez and Jose Eladio Amat. After starting a career as a professional musician, Nailé performed at numerous concerts in Europe, for example at the Goya Awards. She shared the stage with lots of talented musicians like Gal Costa, Buika, Lenine and the rock band Audioslave.

Besides her passion for performing live at concerts, she also likes to work on studio records and movie soundtracks. Her highly conveted workshops and master classes are well-reputed among experts. Improvising and merging different styles together is Nailé's favorite approach of playing music.


© Pictures by Lucila J. Herrero

"With the sound possibilities of my Sela Cajon it's easy for me to express myself both musically and artistically in a very precise manner. It's a pleasure to be part of their artists."

Nailé Sosa Aragón