The kalimba is a centuries-old melodic instrument from Africa, also known as the "mbira". It consists of a wooden sound box on which a certain number of metal slats are mounted, which are set in vibration by plucking them with the fingers. This produces a fine, warm sound, remotely reminiscent of a glockenspiel, which is amplified by the wooden body.

Since the kalimba is mainly played with the thumbs, the term thumb piano has also become established. In contrast to other instruments such as guitar, ukulele or piano, the kalimba is much easier to play and requires no previous musical knowledge. The kalimba is excellent as a solo instrument, but is also used as an accompanying component in numerous musical styles.

Only high-quality tonewoods such as maple, walnut, koa, mahogany or sapele are used to manufacture the Sela Kalimbas. Depending on the model, the wood is given a matte or glossy lacquer finish that excellently accentuates the typical grain of the type of wood used. Cleanly sanded edges and chrome-plated, rounded slats ensure excellent playability and an instrument that will give you many years of pleasure.