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Here you will find Cajons and Percussion "Made in Germany" and handcrafted handpans, which captivate through quality and sound at the highest level.

Through our years of experience in Cajon construction, we develop and produce exceptional Cajons and Cajon accessories. For more than 20 years, both drum beginners and percussion professionals have valued the combination of quality, professional sound and a pleasant playing experience. The adjustable snare system, the Clap Corners and the Pro Snare On/Off mechanism offer unrivalled sound possibilities!
Our handmade & unique Handpans can convince not only by the high-quality processing. Due to the professional and perfect tuning, the uniquely soft, ethereal and mysterious sounds of the instrument attract the collected attention of the listeners. The soothing sound and fascinating timbre takes you on a spiritual journey.

Sela Catalog 2022

Sela Catalog 2022
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