Harmony Singing Bowl 19

Handmade singing bowl for music, meditation and sound massage

Order-No.: SE 263

Handmade singing bowls from India
Sela Harmony Singing Bowls are handmade masterpieces in the tradition of Tibetan singing bowls. They produce long-lasting, spherical sounds with a piercing fundamental and a broad, harmonious overtone spectrum. All Sela Harmony Singing Bowls are made in India, have a shimmering matte finish and stylish engraving on the inside. Sela Harmony Singing Bowls are available in seven different sizes, allowing you to experience different pitches and vibrational ranges.

For music, meditation and singing bowl therapy
Sela Harmony Singing Bowls are suitable for making music as well as for meditation, yoga sessions and sound massages. Their soothing voice can help relieve stress, deeply relax and bring body and mind into harmony. Sela Harmony Singing Bowls can be played individually or combined with other singing bowls, Sela Handpans and other instruments to take listeners on a multi-layered sound journey.

With combination mallet and other accessories
Each Sela Harmony Singing Bowl comes with a useful set of accessories. The included mallet is particularly noteworthy, because it represents a combination of a classic felt mallet and a friction wood. The singing bowl can therefore be played with the round felt head or gently rubbed with the leather-covered handle and made to sing, whereby the sound of the instrument unfolds in different ways. A cotton bag with drawstring and red velour lining protects the singing bowl during transport, a felt ring ensures a secure stand and optimal vibration behavior when playing the Sela Harmony Singing Bowl.
  • Order-No.: SE 263
  • Release Date: 14.01.2022
  • Price: 169.90 EUR
  • Handmade masterpiece
  • Made in India
  • Material: Brass
  • Matte finish
  • Engraved logo on the inside
  • Diameter: 19 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1168 g
  • Exclusive combination mallet
  • Incl. cotton bag and felt ring
  • EAN: 4026929927309