Art Series

Design meets 'The Soul Of Sound'!

The SELA Art Series represents a new and fresh generation of colorful, extravagant, individual cajons from the SELA family and features eye-catching and unique designs that are only available from SELA.

With a Sela Art Series Cajon, you not only get a Cajon with a great and eye-catching playing surface design, but also one that offers all the features of a professional Cajon: And that, at an incredible price! Sela thus proves that there is no need to compromise on sound, quality, features and design.

These Sela Cajons are a sonic wonder with a massive bass and an assertive snare. They offer additional sound options such as preset clap corners and 2 removable Sela snare crossbars. The unique playing surface design is an absolute eye-catcher and perfectly completes the overall package of each Cajon.

Thanks to the Sela Snare System, it is possible to use a second Sela Snare crossbar. This gives you snare sound full, especially popular with flamenco players, Latin grooves and musicians who prefer a "crisp", assertive sound.