Todor Akimov


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Born in Bulgaria Todor Akimov started drumming in 2004. He uses everything, which sounds loud and rhythmic, as a drum. Besides studying drums he loves to play cajon in the streets, studio or on stage. In his opinion a Sela Cajon combines all important perucssive sounds perfectly.

Todor's repertoire at his friends' music group "The Balkan Beach Boom Blasters" includes wild bulgarian 11/8 dances as well as calm gypsy ballads. On the other hand his band "Lemon Lights" encourages people with their unique sound to dance. During the summer they put a smiley on peoples' faces, when they are busking in German citites.

Playing concerts is not the only passion of Todor. When jamming on his cajon he enjoys experimenting with different music genres. Todor is also planing his first cajon workshops in 2017.

Lemon Lights:

"Sela Cajons in combination with the Sela TacTic are the perfect allround percussion instrument for every jam-session!"

Todor Akimov