Art Series Kalimba 10 Peaceful Mind

Design meets 'The Soul Of Sound'!

Order-No.: SE 255

Playful and spirited design with great attention to detail!

The SELA Art Series represents a new and fresh generation of extravagant & individual kalimbas from the SELA family and features eye-catching and unique designs that are only available at SELA.

The Art Series Kalimba 10 Peaceful Mind is made of high quality mahogany wood with a great and eye-catching design. The body amplifies the low frequencies, creating a full, clear and warm sound with a fascinating resonance. The high-quality metal reeds are tuned in C major and have a range of c' - e'' (C4 - E5). Due to the stamped notes on the reeds, the kalimba is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced players.

It can be played as a solo instrument and also as an accompaniment for singers, musicians and dancers. The Sela Kalimba is very lightweight and can be quickly and easily stored and transported in the included bag. The Kalimba includes a padded carrying case with loop, an additional cloth bag and a tuning hammer. The unique design is an absolute eye-catcher and rounds off the overall package of the Kalimba perfectly.

So playing is fun from the beginning!
  • Order-No.: SE 255
  • Release Date: 28.09.2021
  • Price: 49.90 EUR
  • Sela Kalimba Peaceful Mind (thumb piano)
  • Number of keys: 10
  • Range: c' - e'' (C4 - E5)
  • Tuning: C major
  • Wood: Mahogany
  • Color: Natural (matt finish) with Peaceful Mind Laser
  • Incl. padded carrying bag with loop, additional cloth bag, tuning hammer
  • EAN: 4026929927101