Leo Sieg


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Leo Sieg was born on the 30th of August 1989 in Rostock, where used to visit his uncle's recording studio regularly. He loved to sit behind the mixing panel, while his uncle was recording bands. This was the moment, when he got in contact with local as well as the national musicians. At the age of 9 he decided to turn his enthusiasm for drums into a reality. Besides studying drumming professionally for a long time, Leo started different band projects and worked as a studio musician. At this point, the cajon also became a part of his musicial activities.

The early influences of the recording studio taught Leo precise timing and disciplined working, which musicians and producers appreciate. As a co-founder of the label "ASHtunes" Leo became SEO at the age of 20. Running his own studio, he is producing national acts and handles drums and percussion recording jobs.

You can see Leo live as a drummer of the band "Jimmy Gee - Germany's best guitarist" and the "Huckstorf Bande".

Website: www.leosieg.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leosieg Instagram: www.instagram.com/leokborn

"Sela - The Soul Of Sound. These cajons really seem to have a soul. I love, that every instrument has a unique and individual sound character, even though the typical Sela sound is always recognizable."

Leo Sieg