Jeremy Nattagh


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As a promising classical flute player, young french-iranian Jeremy Nattagh played in renowned french halls and on national radio. Besides mastering the flute, he started to learn pop, rock and jazz drumming as well as harmony and composition.

At the age of 18, he increased his musical experience by playing as a percussionist in varios gospel and funk bands, creating shows for dancing artists and composing soundtracks for documentaries, advertisements and short movies. During two decades, he worked ambitiously with great artists, including african band Toure Kunda, Palata Singers and the french soul singer Miss Dominique.

A life of passion and dedication for music, brought him to a new path: Mastering the handpans and including them in his unique percussion set, which combines a handpan, a cajon, foot pedals and cymbals. Today, Jeremy Nattagh creates exciting beats and creative rhythms while touring worldwide with his cajon.


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Jeremy Nattagh