Bianca Lerner


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Bianca Lerner was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina into a family of artists.

Due to her interest in other cultures and music, she studied percussion at several teachers and in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Senegal and Germany. Studying choreography at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires, she gained a total comprehension of the link between music, body, movement and rhythm.

Apart from working at the award winning dance-theatre "NYMPH", Bianca has a great passion for drum circles. Within the last 10 years, she worked with multiple companies, cooperatives, foundations, groups and percussion events.

Bianca also has a strong social consciusness: For the last 3 years, she's been travelling to Nicaragua regularly to do social work using drums and other percussion instruments. As versatile percussionist Bianca is very interested in women on drums around the world and devotes herself to empowerment through rhythm.


"I love Sela Cajons, especially their sound and their shape. The unrivaled bass sound and the playing comfort are unique! Sela Cajons are indispensable for me: At concerts, drums circles or at home - they are wonderful instruments for every situation. Their special design, their sound and the high quality workmanship are a great combination."

Bianca Lerner