Bert Peyffers


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Bert Peyffers also known as "Bert Skunk" is a Belgian Percussionist.

At the age of 13 he started playing the cajon and fell in love with this beautiful instrument. This young percussionist became known participating on "Belgium's Got Talent" and ended up in the semifinals as solo artist. Bert also won several Belgian music awards for his self-written music. This autodidact loves to create his own style on the cajon and combines different kind of grooves and techniques. Bert is active as a freelance percussionist and studio musician. He loves diversity and believes that music brings people together, music connects people.

"I love the moment when people ask if I need a chair for my performance and I can say that my instrument is also a chair! Cool instrument the cajon, isn't it?"

He Played at Dour, Blues Peer, Belgium's Got Talent, Suikerrock, Ketnet and toured in Spain.

Played with: Sepp Hendrickx (StateOfMind), LANI, Laurens Raveel (Buurland), Suncourt Ramblers, Martijn Vanbuel (Orbit Folks), Herman Brock, Dominique Nelis (Tritane/Sa Swing), Evrim Talanci, Hans Wolters, Zionyouth Crew.

Instagram: @bertskunk

"I like the special clap corner sound. It gives a high sound that makes this cajon unique."

Bert Peyffers